Started in 1992, the Avondale, Texas iteration of Alcoholics Anonymous takes pride in serving the surrounding area by providing the time tested methods of the AA program to those affected by alcoholism. As is common among any Alcoholics Anonymous group, our actions are focused on helping all of our members become sober, maintain their sobriety, and help others who are likewise afflicted achieve the same status.Our program focuses on the Twelve Step program developed by AA’s founders Bill Wilson and Bob Smith. By engaging with the program, you will find opportunities for spiritual and character-based development that helps fill the voids that are caused by reckless and unfortunate bouts with Alcohol addiction.The core element of what we do revolves around the AA meeting. We meet in the bottom floor of the Church of Firstborn building just off of the main street in downtown Avondale. When you attend one of our meetings, you will find that almost everyone there will be an alcoholic or someone who is helping (we call it sponsoring) an alcoholic. The decision to attend your first meeting is often difficult but knowing that everyone who you will meet there is also striving for the road to recovery is among the more reassuring things about AA.

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