Best Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers Of Texas

The AA program in no way discourages its members from working with a professional rehabilitation center. There are several centers that we recommend throughout the state of Texas.

1.    Soba Texas is located in San Antonio. It is an accredited facility and has been in business since 2014. They have a terrific maintained ten-acre property that allows patients the freedom of outdoor activity. 

2.    Promises Austin is another accredited addiction treatment center and as the name implies, is located in the city of Austin. A small operation, Promises Austin only allows twenty-four clients at any given time. This allows their top-notch professionals to work more closely with every patient, which increases the effectiveness of treatment.

3.    Caron Texas has gender-separate facilities, and the average patient spends thirty days undergoing treatment. This treatment center uses a program specifically based off of the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve-step program, so those who attend our meetings know what to expect when visiting Caron.

4.    Texas Star Recovery is another small facility, accepting only twenty-eight patients. Texas Star serves more than just those who are addicted to alcohol, expanding their service to general chemical dependency treatment. They have a certified addictionologist and several specialized doctors who can provide the best treatment available.

5.    Summer Sky is a private alcohol treatment center. It opened its doors in 1985 and offers a home-style living environment that allows patients to adapt to normal life once they complete their program quickly.  Each patient receives personalized care that includes aspects of physical, spiritual and psychological healing.

6.    Phoenix House is a great name for a treatment center. Started in 1995, Phoenix House began to live up to its name by enabling addicts to rise from the ashes of their life before recovery. One thing that is unique about Phoenix House is their preventative services. By providing pretreatment to those who may be disposed toward addiction. 

7.    Another recommended treatment center in the great city of Austin is Austin Recovery. It is a not for profit substance abuse center that offers effective service at a cost that is doable for those who would otherwise be without access to treatment. This family-centered center ensures that the patients and their family members get the support they need.

8.      Burning Tree is also an excellent treatment center in Texas. This is a long term treatment center for both men and women. It gears itself specifically toward those who have struggled with chronic relapse.

Best Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers Of Texas
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