Know More About Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is a potentially deadly result of drinking too much alcohol in too short a period of time. It can affect your breathing, body temperature, and heart rate. It can involve server vomiting and can lead to a coma or even death.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms after drinking a large volume of alcohol it is crucial that immediate medical attention is given. Because time is crucial in providing care for someone who is experiencing alcohol poisoning, seeing a doctor is required. If the affected person is unconscious and cannot be awakened they are at risk of dying and emergency medical services should be called for right away.

The circumstances that lead to alcohol poisoning can be various. Binge drinking, which is drinking five to ten drinks in a single sitting, is the most common situation in which someone suffers from Alcohol Poisoning. It is not uncommon for social settings to promote this kind of rapid drinking. What is so dangerous is that while in the company of others who are drinking there is seldom very much awareness relative to the status of the individual. Someone who begins to experience symptoms such as feeling cold or nauseous may not be taken seriously if they express their concerns to others around them.

People who are prone to drinking high volumes of alcohol in a short period of time in seclusion often do so as a coping mechanism as they face depression, anxiety, or other forms of mental illness.  When alcohol poisoning occurs in someone, who is alone the chances that severe and permanent damage will happen to their bodies is higher. Inebriation reduces motor skills, and the victim is often unable to alert authorities or get themselves to a medical treatment center.

All of this is often scoffed at as an extreme and rare situation that only affects those who physiology so disposes them to be at high risk for alcohol poisoning.  On average, six people die from alcohol poisoning in the United States every day. Every day there are people who are all but unaware of what their drinking experience will inflict on their bodies. Alcoholics are at very high risk for suffering from alcohol poisoning. AA meetings and other types of treatment are crucial in preventing tragic results from alcohol poisoning.

Know More About Alcohol Poisoning
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