The Impact Of The Alcohol On Health

Everyone that successfully participates in the AA program has to start by acknowledging that they are not in control of their own lives. They essentially admit to themselves the truth that they have often been avoiding for some time; that alcohol is in the driver’s seat and that they are just along for the ride.

While some of our participants have had serious events illustrate their lack of control there is no need to have a potential life-ending scenario play itself out to cause you to decide to look into our program.

The central fact is that alcohol consumption is harmful to your health and the health of others. Millions of deaths each year in the United States can be attributed to excessive alcohol use. The economic damages caused by alcohol are in the billions every year. You might ask yourself, have I seen the effects of my alcoholism impact my health or even the health of others? How much of your money and property is wasted or destroyed because of your addiction?

Because the first step on the road to your personal recovery begins with you realizing the damage and harm that you are causing it is a painful yet beneficial step to look at just what alcohol is doing to your body. The effects are usually divided into short-term and long-term health risks.

Short-term health risks describe the things that excessive alcohol consumption causes at the actual time of drinking. Such risks include injuries that can be sustained because of a general level of impairment. Falling, drowning and motor vehicle crashes kill the inebriated and the sober victims at astonishing rates. The alcoholic knows that they lose control of their body when they drink. This leads to injury or death.

Another short-term risk connected to losing control of your body is violence. Homicide, suicide and sexual assault are all documented results of people or persons who become drunk. Inherent in the risky and assaultive sexual actions taken by alcoholics is the spreading of sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

If these horrible eventualities of alcoholism are not sufficiently convincing that you should take action to confront your addiction then perhaps the effects of a life of excessive drinking will be more effective.

Miscarriage, stillbirth or even fetal alcohol disorders of an infant can occur when a woman drinks during pregnancy. Genderless effects include developing cancers of the breast, liver, colon, esophagus, throat, and problems with recall including dementia and poor school or work performance.

Mental health suffers significantly in those who are alcoholics. Such things as depression and anxiety are common. Similarly, social problems and the strength of relationships will suffer as greater deference is given to alcoholic beverages. The last on our list of long term impacts of alcoholism is the risk of heart disease or stroke. Alcohol can lead to an increasingly high blood pressure which can develop into a severe risk for heart and brain health. Additionally and perhaps the most well-known impact alcohol will have on your health is liver disease.

The Impact Of The Alcohol On Health
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